Christmas 2014

Right at the end of 2013, we traveled to Ghana, West Africa to visit our brothers and sisters in the Lord. This is one of the most significant events of our lives.
There are so many stories to tell!  God led us to some very remote regions and used us in miraculous ways.  All the glory goes to Him!
We visited little Heidi and her mom at their home. Their family was welcoming and gracious. The next day Heidi’s daddy brought little Heidi to visit us. He brought two guinea fowl on his motorbike.
Everywhere we went, there was a crowd of people! One night, in a very remote village, Seth led a crusade and tens of people trusted Christ as their personal Savior. Here, Seth is visiting a primary school near Novrongo. Kids love him!
At that same Primary school, Beto gave an excellent presentation to the students in three classrooms. His testimony was clear and the students loved hearing from him. Needless to say, Beto’s fun personality draws people to him.

CLICK HERE to see a YouTube video of our trip to Ghana.
Heidi and Russ went on their third cruise! Second time to the Carribbean. Whodathunkit? We visited a few familiar places and couple new ones, including Grand Caymen. There are many highlights but Heidi doesn’t want the snorkeling picture posted.
This time we left from Miami. We spent a day in the city and had a wonderful time. Taking a picture like this has become a tradition. It is a great time together.
This was a big year for Big Earl! New place to live… clean and sell the old house and contents. Adapting to change is tough.
Also, Earl turned 85 this year. Things were happening so fast for him.
Beto is taking his first online class and doing very well in Chemistry. Here, he is concocting a cure for hair loss.
He remains active in Scouts. He now has Star rank. Karate is King! He passed his blue purple belt this year.
But groin kickin’ is popular with other family members, too! Inquire, if you want more details.
There is some physical pain – but that takes us back to the previous note. Inquire, if you want more details.
The cake represents one of our “LO’s” – GOLF! Pictures of golf outings wouldn’t do justice to the sport.
Maya is inspecting the aftermath of a nearly disasterous tractor accident. The bridge is definitely “slippery when wet.”
This happened immediately after making major repairs to the tractor. Immediately after.
God is good. All the time. Everything turned out fine in the end but it took a lot of time in the shop to “make us go” again.