Christmas 2015

In 2015, both Heidi and Beto advanced their self-defense skills. Heidi began the year studying Krav Maga and then joined Beto’s school to take up kickboxing and personal protection.
At a Spring karate tournament, Beto met Joon Rhee, the ‘Father of American Taekwondo.’ Beto also brought home a lot of “victory hardware” – winning in forms, Jiu Jitsu, and sparring. Click for a fun video!

And Don’t forget to See Seth’s Response Video!
We took a day to try something new and exciting. A local firing range let us use their facility to try using a firearm. It was a little scary but it sure was fun.
Here, Heidi makes another great shot. This time out of the bunker and onto the green ! Late in the summer, Russ took up a position as a “golf professional” at the local golf course.
Seth graduated from Virginia Tech with honors in the Spring. He accomplished so much and worked very hard. We are very proud of him ! He is a man of very high moral character – and he conducted himself with the highest integrity – the kind that is rare.
There were actually three different commencment exercises. The whole University (very grand and impersonal), the College of Engineering (grand and impersonal), and the Corps of Cadets – the nicest and most inspiring ceremony of them all.
On the 4th of July we went to the Town parade. There were so many fire trucks and politicians. We’re glad we live in a free country. Let’s keep it that way!
…Just a nice picture of Beto and Heidi having a conversation on the porch.
Beto completed the requirements for the Life rank in 2015. The Troop spent a week at Camp Powhatan in southwest Virginia.
Meesa died in September. She was the best cat we ever had (to date) — Don’t tell Bo and Go.