Christmas 2018

Here is our annual family update for 2018. It was an especially busy year!

Beto left his job at Chic-Fil-A and went to work at a local small animal veterinarian’s office for a few months. The job proved to be very beneficial to him later in the year because he was selected to serve in the Navy as a corpsman.
Beto left for U.S. Navy boot camp in April.
Russ and Heidi went to Chicago by train for Beto’s graduation in June. Train travel is fun – unless you like sleep or don’t bring your own food.
The Navy graduates about 700 men and women each week at their Great Lakes Naval Station. We are very proud of Beto’s accomplishment!
He immediately went to San Antonio for “A School” to become a Corpsman.
Since San Antonio is just a couple hours from where Seth lives, they had a couple chances to get together and visit.
During the four months of “A School” all of us met in San Antonio. Beto got us into Sea World for a lower price because of his military status.
In July, Seth came “home” to Virginia. While he was here, we took a day trip to Cunningham Falls in Maryland.
During 2018, Heidi judged at numerous places around the Country. Here she is in Pennsylvania. Russ get a chance to go occasionally (and play golf.)
Here’s a “money shot” of Heidi in the Hudson Valley of New York. Russ played golf.
It was a quick trip across the State to see Uncle Ted in Connecticut.
Here’s another “money shot” of Beste Guess’ performance at a show in August!
Mango went to “a school”, too! Her’s was an obedience school where she earned her “Good Citizenship” certificate. Soon afterwards, she was certified by the Alliance of Therapy Dogs which allows us to visit people in facilities and help them feel better.
Here’s a “money shot” of Mango.
I saved the best for last! For the last two years, Heidi has worked incredibly hard to earn her FEI 3-Star Judge’s certificate. She is now licensed to judge international competitions through Grand Prix, FEI Grand Prix Championships, and CDIs above the 3* level. There are only 19 Americans who currently hold this certificate.