Christmas 2023

Each year the world is getting more and more “interesting” as it seems to be turning on its axis at an ever-increasing speed. We are witnessing global change – yes the “climate” is changing, but I am not writing about the weather. The evil one is rushing around this world and causing people to fall for his lies and deception.

Still, God is on the throne and He continues to bless my family with His protection and provision. At home, we lack nothing! God has provided for us in amazing ways. We remain healthy with only the normal and minor aches and pains.

Heidi and I look forward to the next Age – a time of peace, led by our Heavenly King.

So, let’s take a look at 2023.


Several rounds together in 2023
…more details below!
National Harbor for lunch…
Dinner dance with the Washburnes…
Historic Places…
Our next Senator from Virginia
…Operation Christmas Child

Beto continues to serve honorably in the US Navy. This year he pursued (and in January 2024 will receive) his AA degree. Is there anyone else I know who could pull off this colorful suit? In June, he ranked up. We are very proud of him!

Extended Family

On being Grandparents

The sad truth is that the worldwide web just isn’t big enough for all the pictures:

Visiting the Museum of the Bible
“Grammy” in Texas for Thanksgiving…
…growing bigger all the time
a portrait with “Pop-Pop”
Thanksgiving and (early) Birthday Party at Iron Hill

Alaska Cruise – July

You can’t drive to the State Capital
Hubbard Glacier – farthest point north on this trip
The weather was amazing – warm and dry
Mendenhall Glacier close to Juneau
We’ve taken a picture like this on every cruise. This was our fourth.
When you can eat anything, why not mix it up?

Niagara Falls – October

October was a great time to go to Niagara Falls!
At night the Falls are illuminated and the effect is spectacular- brilliant!
…posing in the tower…
The RCMP was always standing by to keep us safe
…the weather was perfect! We explored Presque Isle, PA and then took numerous tours on both sides of the Falls
The best views were from the top of the Skylon Tower.
Canada has restored the 2,200-foot-long tunnel that carried water back to the River after leaving the turbines

Miscellaneous Activities

Russ removed about 20 tons of clay from under the riding ring and replaced it with crushed stone in order to improve drainage. Using a boom lift to repair the weather station sensors was fun (to be honest). We removed about a dozen trees along a fence line and near the barn to make things more secure.
Heidi still loves her garden and this year she had great success with “vertical gardening”.
Heidi and Mango collaborated to test a couple beds at the pet store.
I just like this picture from the Fall 2023 Loudoun County Farm Tour
Uh Oh! Robin sent outdoor Christmas lights. We’ve never used them in 36 years. If we become addicted, will we add a blow-up Grinch in 2024? No.
In February Heidi led a judge’s forum in Leesburg. Everyone wants to “pick her brain!”
Russ’ continues his next career as a substitute teacher in a local private school.


We are praying for sanity in our government.