We are Christians. We are children of the one true God of the Universe. He is the Creator of everything and everyone – and He loves you. Our faith in Jesus Christ is fundamental to our lives. It sustains and strengthens us. When we first trusted Christ, we inherited a clear purpose for living.

God has never let us down and He never will. Even when life brings its difficult challenges and it would be easier to lose hope, we trust God. We know that every life experience is designed to strengthen us and grow our faith.

We believe that God has a plan for your life, too. It begins with the recognition that we are all sinners and that sin separates us from the holy and perfect God. When Adam and Eve sinned by disobeying God, the relationship between God and man was changed. We inherited this sin nature from our earthly fathers. From our conception, we were in debt to God – even before we had our first thought. Apart from God, we are spiritually dead and we sin because we are naturally sinners.

We can’t get out from under the debt of sin. We can’t pay the price because we lack holiness. We can’t work our way out from this condition. God’s plan from the beginning was to restore mankind to Himself by paying the price Himself – it is a free gift to us. Jesus Christ, the only Son of God willingly paid the price by dying on the Cross in our place. He was conceived in a virgin woman, became a man, led a sinless life, and was crucified in our place. Jesus Christ rose from the dead and demonstrated that we can overcome spiritual death, too. This is God’s plan of salvation for mankind.

When we trust God’s plan for us and believe in our hearts that Jesus Christ is our personal Lord, we are no longer spiritually dead and separated from God. Just as Christ rose from the dead, we are raised from spiritual death. We become His children and receive countless blessings, including an eternal life with Him in heaven.

Please let us know if this raises questions or doubts in your mind. We would love to talk with you. If on the other hand, you have been convinced by the power of the Holy Spirit to believe in Jesus Christ and trust Him as your Lord and Savior, then all God asks is that you tell Him so. Pray to Him. Imagine! The God of the Universe is waiting to hear from you.

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