Christmas 2010

I started making these annual Christmas pages in 2011- Now, more than a decade later, I am trying to assemble prior years, starting with 2010 and eventually working backwards.

Here’s what I’ve been able to assemble using metadata to figure out when things happened.

February 2010 brought a 38-inch snowstorm call “Snowmageddon”. Some people said they had as much as 54-inches!
The Boy Scout Troop went skiing. Here’s Seth and Beto
Biblew Reading in Leesburg
Pastor Stephen and Heidi go shopping…
Whenever he returned home, he would give a family blessing.
Mommy cried when Seth got on the little bus to go to NVCC
This is the official Homeschool HS graduation “costume”. When Seth started at the Community College, upon demand, I produced a handwritten diploma
at the Registrar’s office.
Seth spent a few days at VT’s Corps of Cadets for a taste of things to come.
Beto and Star
Homeschooling in the Picnic area
…riding and training
Handsome man
One of the last Cub Scout outings to
Great Falls
As his elder Scout, Seth welcomes Beto
into Troop 711
Virginia Regional Ball
As one of the BSA requirements, Seth designed
and built a raised-bed garden
After using this truck at a BSA mulch sale, I bought it from Vic, a fellow Scoutmaster
For several years we celebrated “Burger King Christmas” with Earl
“Big Earl” sold his Plymouth Acclaim to Seth for $800