Christmas 2022

I will remember 2022 as one of the most turbulent and yet one of the best years of my life. “Turbulent” due to our extraordinary national political and cultural situation – and so many people who are either oblivious or complicit !

Still, God continues to bless my family with His protection and provision. At home, we lack nothing! God has provided for us in amazing ways. We remain healthy with only the normal and minor aches and pains.

I enjoyed selecting pictures for this year’s annual “Christmas” page. When I look back at past years, I am amazing how quickly time passes. Breaking from past practice, I have included a couple of “historic” pictures.

Heidi and I look forward to the next Age – a time of peace, led by our Heavenly King.

But for now, let’s take a look at 2022.

2022 Review

Earl Rhodes Seipp (1929-2022)


The family gathered on February 8th for Earl’s memorial service. After the service at Carroll Lutheran Village,
everyone went to Baugher’s Family Restaurant (one of Earl’s favorite places) for a meal.
The cousins gathered for a picture: Doug, Tim, Eric, Glen, Mel, Pam, Robin, and Heidi
Here are my older sisters, Mary Karen and JoAnne when we were much younger, with mom and dad aboard the
“glass-bottom boat” in Florida.
In August, I had an opportunity with reunite with Jo and Mary in Philadelphia for John Malatesta’s wedding.


Devon Horse show – September. Here is the “money shot”!
We saw a Dutch Harness Horse breeding show near Lancaster, PA
Milo has been showing successfully for a couple years.


My beautiful wife relaxing before dinner.
Just a sample of the many appointments Heidi had
judging all around the Country.
Seeing the Middleburg Hunt off on Thanksgiving Day
Dancing in Old Town Alexandria

Kitchen and House Remodeling

Marvin and his crew did a great job !
Heidi at work on the closet
This was a 3-week renovation after months of planning

Heidi works hard in her various garden spots…
the wildflower garden went daisy-crazy!
We regularly go to Re-Love It in Purcellville. This was the last day at their 21st Street location. Mike moved to West Main Street.
In October, Heidi and Russ went to the annual Hospital sale.
Edyie was one of the proprietors –
she sells only the “high-end” stuff.
Eating at the “picnic area – always fun!
Heidi takes as many shows near Houston as she can –
This one was in October.
Michelle spent most of 2022 planning for their first baby.
I know they will make great parents!
That was Heidi’s license plate (“F8TH 1ST”) for a long time.
Now it’s on the wall at Smokin’ Willie’s
LCC sanctuary remodeling
After 3 years of professional driving, Russ retired from VRT.
It seems he can almost see his next career…
… as a substitute teacher in a local private school.

Big News Comes in a Small Package!

Serafien was born on December 4th at their home. What a beautiful baby girl! We are so proud!

We are praying for sanity in our government.